Training Modules

Evergreen West Realty


Each training module is carefully presented with comprehensive data to enhance the value of the training material and to optimize the benefit to the licensees. Each module is action packed and is designed to be presented in 1 ½ hours to 2 hours, depending on the topic. The training is provided by our Managing Broker directly in our conference room in groups of 10 to 15 licensees.


2018 Residential Training Modules


Module 1:        Discussion of Contract of Purchase and Sale / non-strata home


Module 2:        Discussion of Contract of Purchase and Sale / strata home


Module 3:        Discussion of Multiple Listing Contract, Exclusive Listing Contract


Module 4:        Residential tenancies and understanding strata properties


Module 5:        Understanding new construction, single family and pre-sale strata


Module 6:        Working with buyers, use of fee agreements and forms


Module 7:        Working with sellers, getting listings at the right price


Module 8:        Bank foreclosures, court order sales, estate sales, disclosure requirements


Module 9:        Assignment Contracts of Purchase and Sale, Non-developer & New Development


Module 10:      Special Knowledge Areas! Oil tanks, Septic systems, Water systems, Environmental


Module 11:      Practical tips on how to Succeed in Real Estate, effective communication