Testimonials from our Realtors:


Eric Gan, one of our agents, recently decided to retire from a long and successful real estate career.

Eric is a highly respected member of the 'Quarter Century Club' of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. Below is a message that Eric wrote to our managing broker in March 2020, and reprinted with Eric's permission.


Hi Roloff,

I've decided to terminate my real estate licence as of March 31, 2020.

Thank you n Manya for allowing me to work in Evergreen West Realty since December 2013. I've never met a more dedicated, respected, responsible, kind hearted, considerate, caring, compassionate...better stop here or you'll have to buy me coffee!

Seriously, you're one of the BEST managing brokers I've ever met! You're on call 24/7!

Please send my love n regards to the wonderful admin staff for all their kind assistance during my time there.

I'll miss you guys!




A message that was sent to Kim Spencer, Manager, Professional Standards (REBGV)

By one of our licensees, Erissa Yong-Wilson

Dear Kim; I am writing to send a virtual bouquet to my Broker/Manager, Roloff Veld, of Evergreen West Realty. I have already sent him a real live bouquet. It's the least I can do for being the best broker I know in 22 years. I am very appreciative of his help lately in the office. In my experience, and humble opinion, he is always going over and above his duty to ensure that we as licensees do the right thing as well as get the support we needed from our broker. In my darkest moment of dealing with some very difficult situations in my work he has been a constant light to guide and show me the right thing to do. Roloff gave me unconditional support in the last two weeks on a deal that was going side ways in more ways than one. I have been helping a buyer purchase a town house in the Fraser Valley and it had not been easy with multiple offers situations. I wrote 6 offers and finally the last one was accepted. Through it all, Roloff advised me, consoled me, supported me and reminded me of my fiduciary duty to my buyer. He gave me the energy to persist in going that extra mile till the deal was done. I truly believe that without such a supportive, kind, caring, and patient broker, I would have given up and referred my client to another realtor. My client would not have been happy. They trusted me and counted on me. I could not have done it without Roloff 's help and his constant encouragement and motivation. He kept me focused and on course. In my opinion he had gone beyond his role as manager and broker to help me help my buyer find their home. He answered his phone unceasingly and returned my calls to him day and night and on weekends, promptly; Always taking the time to listen to me. He was always available to consult. I have been selling real estate since 1994, and I have been a broker before. But in my opinion, Roloff is the exemplary example of a "broker extraordinaire". He did not have to go the extra mile for me. But he did. He deserves the bouquets and more. I offered to pay him a higher office split for this deal and he even refused that. He was happy to just help me. I hear from the other licensees he does the same for them. He is a great mentor and my hero. I am enlightened. I believe we need more people in our industry like him. One who gives of himself freely and selflessly to ensure that the public is served 100% and that his licensee's mental health is preserved through it all. I get a sense he really loves his job and this industry. He serves it with pride and care. I wish to emulate him. I am gratefully indebted to him. 

~ Sincerely, Erissa Yong-Wilson


The following testimonials are based on the two questions below:

Why did you join Evergreen West Realty? What it is that you enjoy most about working with Evergreen West Realty?


It’s truly great to have such a fantastic brokerage manager who is always available to answer very important questions and is extremely knowledgeable along with the amazing staff support! I’m so happy that I made the right choice to move to Evergreen West Realty!
~ June Wharrie

I was with another brokerage about 2 years ago and I still remember vividly that during the hottest market (2016), I was stuck on a very complicated deal. I visited 3 managing brokers within the brokerage franchise network and no one had a clue of about how to handle that situation. I called several colleagues and was given the phone number of Roloff. I called Roloff on a Sunday evening and he took my call. He first reminded me that I should talk to my managing broker. After some discussion he gave me an idea about how he would have advised his licensees to handle that situation. I signed to join Evergreen West Realty the next day. My decision to move to Evergreen West Realty was the best and finest decision I have made in my Real Estate career. The office training and office meetings are very organized and helpful, not to mention our great and friendly front office staffs. Roloff is easy to approach and very knowledgeable in every aspect of the real estate transaction small or large, residential or commercial. Because of this, I am not afraid of working on any challenging cases. Oh, one more thing to say - when I give my business cards to other realtors, many of them already know Roloff and they only have positive things to say about him. So, Roloff is not only respected in our office, he is in fact respected in the whole real estate industry. I find that this creates an instant trust between the realtor I am working with, which in turn makes the deal go much smoother. Thank you, Roloff, for being so supportive. I am so lucky to have you as my managing broker.
~ Jason Kwon

I have had the pleasure of knowing Roloff for nearly 11 years, continuously inspiring me and teaching me the best of the business, and so it is not hard to have see why I follow in his footsteps. For me, Roloff is the best managing broker, an excellent mentor, the 'Guru' of the real estate world, the walking Real Estate Manual and the best leader. He follows the law, rules and regulations and uses them to his full advantage and to the rest of the licensed realtors under his wing. He is always there for us, going over and above his duty. I asked him once how he could stay in this business for more than 3 decades and still be as strong as he is. He said that he loved his job and he is only just starting. For me and for sure from the rest of the realtors in our office, Roloff is not just a good managing broker --- he is an awesome managing broker with a heart, someone who cares for all the staff and people around him. I owe him a lot for my success in this business. THANK YOU ROLOFF!!!
~ Malou Sales

I choose to be licensed with Evergreen West Realty in Coquitlam even though I actually live on the North Shore. I started with another brokerage when I was a brand new real estate licensee. However I found that I did not get any training there and barely had a chance to ask that managing broker any questions. When I heard from a realtor friend that Roloff is the best manager ever, I decided to switch and join Evergreen West Realty. And I sure did the right thing!!! Roloff is prompt, patient and thorough - the best manager for a newbie like me! Colleagues here are friendly, too. We help each other with open houses, showings, etc. I much prefer driving from North Vancouver to Coquitlam for every office meeting, rather than finding another firm in my own neighbourhood. It is well worth it, I learn so much new information at every office meeting!
~ Sharry Xiao

I chose Evergreen West Realty because Roloff is very patient, helpful and has excellent experience in Real Estate Industry. It's very easy to reach him. He will get back to me promptly after I left a message. No matter how big or tiny the question is, he is always there to back up his realtors. I enjoy the atmosphere of the company; it looks like a big family. Thank you Roloff for what you have done for me.
~ Ada Chan

I'm very happy that I've made the move to Evergreen West. Roloff has been a realtor for over 35 years and has a depth of knowledge and experience in this profession that few real estate managers can equal. But more importantly, he is most eager to share that knowledge and experience with his realtors. I appreciate especially his willingness to ensure that his realtors understand the new rules as they are rolled out to us and the length to which he will go in order to support us. He is never too busy to help us. The administration staff is great. Kirsten, Via and Yuki are unfailingly efficient and are always happy to help in any way they can.
~ Helen Roozendaal

I've chosen Evergreen West Realty and I am still enjoying working here is because of the following reasons. 1. Structured monthly meetings and regular training for newbies 2. Well-organized office and administrative system 3. Managing broker is very knowledgeable, professional and approachable
~ Nicole Zou

Dedicated and committed broker...one of the BEST! Good Boss. Friendly atmosphere.
~ Eric Gan

I choose & moved to Evergreen West Realty after all the years - cause it's closer to home and also the affordability of the office fees and most of all the best support of our Manager Roloff at any time when you need it.
~ Estrella Cabralda

I had worked with Roloff for five years before I joined Evergreen West. I was so impressed by his knowledge and expertise in Real Estate. He was such a great manager and supporter. Whenever and wherever I had questions, problems, troubles in the business, "Roloff" was always the first answer coming to my mind. I'm happy that I have made a right move to Evergreen West. He has still been as supportive, friendly, and patient to all of us.
~ Nancy Zhou

I joined Evergreen West Realty to receive the highest quality of guidance & support from the managing broker... Roloff's support at Evergreen West Realty is beyond expectations. What I enjoy most about working with Evergreen West Realty is the great fellowship, closeness, kindness, and cooperation.
~ Behfuruz Afshari

Simple. I joined Evergreen West Realty because of its exceptional leadership. I enjoy working at Evergreen West Realty because of the exceptional leader and diverse, experienced and caring team.
~ Vincent Stancato