Interview with Managing Broker


By Corey Van’t Haaff, Journalist

October 25, 2013



Evergreen West Realty

An interview with its founder and managing broker.

When you’re looking to buy a home for your family, sell, or downsize to enjoy your active retirement, or needing sage advice to find the ideal commercial property for your business, it makes sense to partner with a real estate company that understands the local market, understands the nuances of the industry and, most importantly, understands you.

Evergreen West Realty was created to provide a full suite of services based on exceptional knowledge, altruistic advice, and a complete dedication to the client.

“Our name references our magnificent West Coast natural setting. It is meant to suggest stability as well as growth and it’s an optimistic name that I think will resonate with clients and REALTORS®,” says Roloff Veld, founder and managing broker. “The real estate market in the Lower Mainland is active. Real estate is a global industry now and we’re not a little market anymore. The Lower Mainland is a good place to invest real estate dollars, that’s for sure. There’s great opportunity here.”

Independent real estate companies are increasingly becoming the brokerages of choice for real estate agents who want to be responsive to their own clients. Agents at independent firms enjoy more freedom to customize their marketing. That, coupled with low fees, attracts well-respected, experienced REALTORS® as well as new agents who want to start off on the right foot. In fact, in the last two years the percentage of real estate agents licensed with independent brokerages in the Tri-Cities versus franchises grew from 19.5% to 31.7%. In the entire Metro Vancouver area, the percentage is even higher at 54.3%, which indicates a significant trend.

“It is logical to be an independent broker,” says Veld. “Changes in real estate happen quickly; at Evergreen West Realty, our independence allows us to respond just as quickly to market trends and to clients’ needs. We have the in-house knowledge and experience in both residential and commercial real estate to provide the highest level of support and service to our REALTORS®, at a cost that makes sense to them, so they can help their clients in any situation.”

Evergreen West Realty opened with more than a dozen REALTORS® at its Coquitlam office at 206 – 1120 Westwood Street. It’s a testament to Veld’s reputation for excellence and his generous, supportive management style. Evergreen West Realty endeavors to grow steadily and establish itself as a leading high-quality real estate company.

“The level of support here is very strong, both in terms of experience and of the training available. We are equipped with the latest tools,” says Veld. He refers to his 10-module training program that every new real estate agent goes through. Experienced agents receive support as needed. “The strength of the brokerage is reflected in the strength of its agents, and we want to make sure that everyone is getting the support and information they need. Real estate is changing all the time and we need to keep constantly informed and up-to-date.”

As a managing broker, Veld maintains an awareness of current industry trends and emerging challenges and then personally acts as a resource to his entire team.

“The REALTORS® at Evergreen West Realty have easy access to me and my knowledge and experience. Even for a well-experienced licensee who might already know the answer but wants to quickly double-check, I’m here. If I see something I don’t think is done right, I can help resolve the issue right away,” says Veld.

It’s Veld’s personal commitment to each agent that makes the greatest difference. By ensuring that every real estate agent in his firm has what they need to succeed, it provides an automatic win-win for clients and for the industry. When individuals succeed, the success of the company flows naturally.

“The time is right for what we are doing with Evergreen West Realty. I have been practicing real estate for 35 years and my business partner Manya Milkovich has more than 30 years experience as well.”

“It isn’t a top-down management style. My agents are with me, not under me. I encourage questions and I respect the contributions and knowledge of every person I work with,” says Veld. “Every real estate agent at Evergreen West Realty knows he or she can call me or sit down face-to-face and discuss any concerns they might have. They feel comfortable with me as I am always there supporting them.”

It’s a difference that is noticeable at every stage of a transaction, felt by every person involved. It’s a philosophy that permeates business at Evergreen West Realty.

Every one of his agents, says Veld, knows this philosophy and knows they will be fully supported and will be an integral part of a well-functioning team at Evergreen West Realty. “It’s why,” says Veld, “they all feel at home here.”



By Corey Van’t Haaff

She is a journalist and owns Cohiba Communications. Her work has appeared in BC Business, Business in Vancouver, BC Home and Garden, AWARD, Just for Canadian Doctors, and Modern Dog magazines; and she has been broadcast on CBC Radio One. She can be reached @CoreyTheWriter.